Hotel & Travel

Conference Venue

Both days of sessions will be in William Philip Hall on the Tacoma campus of the U. of Washington. The Hall is accessible from Pacific Avenue or the central campus walkway.


There are two hotels adjacent to the university venue – the Holiday Inn and the Courtyard Marriott. They are each just a block away.
The conference does not have a set rate.
There are other hotels nearby.
hotel marriott


Here are some notes to help with you your trip to Tacoma.

Air Travel & Local Transportation

The Seattle International Airport (SEA) is called SeaTac. A convenient and inexpensive connection from the airport to Tacoma is via Sound Transit 574. It will drop you off in Tacoma to connect with a quick free light rail ride to the Union station stop. That is adjacent to the conference venue and near the Holiday Inn. Rush hour traffic can be tough. But in the middle of the day, a bus is the quickest way to go. A taxi will cost about $50-60 depending on the time of day. Shuttle Express is also an option.

Home-bound tip: All security gates at SeaTac get you into the same common area. The line can be long at one and short at another. If it is a busy day, it can be worth it to take an extra few minutes to “shop” for a gate.

From Seattle, the Sound Transit 594 is a great way to travel. It drops you off right in front of the venue.

Our Conference Schedule Policy

The activities for The Tech Comm Con begin at 9:00am on the first day and ends at 5:00pm the following day. We pride ourselves on providing hot topics and top speakers through to the final adjournment. We don’t shortchange the latter portion of the event. conference, you will not be disappointed!